Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sharing student work

A few posts ago you would have seen the lacy part of this
napkin. Now you can see how well the student painted it
It is very important to be able to show the subtle variety
of tone changes in order to fully render form on a two-
dimensional surface. That is what this student has done by
careful examination of each change of plane and the
appropriate tone for that part of the fabric.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Using a ruler is sometimes OK

The first photo is of the canvas on which I am doing the
preliminary drawing. In the lower corner you can see the
image I am working from.
I use a ruler when I need to really get long perspective lines
right, or else I can be in a situation after applying paint where
I have to make a lot more adjustments. Moving paint around
is messy! So get it right at the very beginning.
HOWEVER, I do not use a ruler once I am painting. I follow
the drawn lines carefully with my brush, but because I am
not using a ruler, there is life to those lines. They don't look
In the second photograph, you can see the image I am using.
I took the photo and had it blown up into a color copy that was
large enough for me to see what I needed to see! Then I
decided the composition needed some changes and so I added
pieces of paper around two edges to add to the image. You can
see the scribbled part that looks like a border.
After doing the above, I made a grid on the painting that is
proportionate to the canvas and started drawing!