Friday, May 27, 2011

When there is a ridge line you don't want

Here you see three images of parts of a recent painting of mine.
There were some areas I needed to change and when I painted
over what I didn't want, you could see the leftover part underneath
as a ridge line. It caught the light and so you could see it. It's
sort of like having your underwear stick out from your clothing
when you don't want it to show!

The first photo here is where I have taken #220 sandpaper
and knocked back the ridge so it wouldn't show. You can see
the old line underneath the other paint now, but it no longer is
a ridge of dried paint.

The second photo is a longer shot of the same area. It was
a tall wine cabinet and I had it too tall!

The third photo here is showing the ridge line next to a woman's
shoulder in the same painting.

Go to my blog at and you can
see the whole painting which is nearly complete now!

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