Tuesday, February 3, 2009

See the colors of life!

Most color in the world is really pretty neutral. Lots of
greys and browns. If we took a percentage of how much
color we see that is really pure and bright, it would probably
be quite small.
Every artist is attracted to color. And certainly most people
are. Perhaps that is because it is such a small percentage of
all that is out there. Consider roads, winter landscapes, most
house exteriors, and the sky on an overcast day. These are
just a few examples of vast stretches of space that are not
brightly colored.
So look for the pops of color, but know that when you make a
piece of artwork, the neutral colors are what set off the purity
of a strong spot of red, yellow, blue, etc. If it weren't for the
neutrals, would we notice and appreciate pure color so much?

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