Sunday, April 18, 2010

Props for your paintings!

This is a large basket of artificial fruit and
vegetables that I have collected over quite
some time. One year a student gave me a
gift of several pieces that were really well
done. You can see the lemon and orange at
the front (or bottom) of this basket from the
collection he gave me. Some artificial fruits
or veggies are really poorly done, but even
they have their uses -especially for me when
I am teaching basic drawing. But I always
keep my eye out for well done fakes! The
best ones I ever got were from Williamsburg,
Va. They have an enormous place just outside
of town ( and I found
these things in the flower section. I'll have to
photograph them for you to see. The onions
were especially fantastic!
So keep on the lookout for such things for your
own work. I used to only use real fruit and
veggies for my paintings. Then I read that
Cezanne used fake fruit and so I quit buying
these things!

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