Sunday, May 2, 2010

A way to get texture

This is not intended to be a painting! I did it as a sample of how you can achieve texture with a product called Aquapasto which is a thick version of Liquin. This product used to be called Oleopasto, but maybe Winsor and Newton changed it because it sounds like a food item!
I have put the Aquapasto on my palette and mixed paint into it. It is only on the right side of the log. When you see it up close, the texture adds a lot to the effect of rough bark.
Like Liquin, it dries quickly....overnight.
Here I have painted the first layer of texture with a dark brown.
On an upcoming post you will see that I brush lighter color over the ridges of the paint and then the dark shows behind.
If you click on the photo you can see it enlarged.
This painting example is 11 x 14 and is done with oil paint.

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