Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keep Sketching!

I admit that I don't sketch as often as I think it would do me good.
I tell all my students to do it to sharpen their perception of visual shapes and compositions.
I was going through my sketch books yesterday and found this one.
My excuse for not sketching more is that I draw a lot in the studio warming up to do new paintings.
I'm hoping that counts!
But one can always be better at noticing things and then doing a fine job of rendering them.
I show sketches to my students that have been made by the masters. Cezanne is one of them.
His sketches are scribbly and messy.
But look where they led his masterpieces.


bazza said...

Every so often I sit in the kitchen with my sketchbook and create a still life group for the purpose of sketching practise. Thanks for reminding me that I need to do it more often!
ps: I like your blog!
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Lynne said...

Hey Bazza, LOVE your blog. Great choices for paintings of the month. I'm happy my teaching blog is one you like. Can I get email notices of your new posts?