Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great tip for cleaining brushes

I asked an artist friend I have met via
the internet for help on keeping the
sticky handles of my bristle brushes
She generously gave me this fabulous
tip regarding Murphy's oil soap!
I had an ancient bottle of it in my garage
and so put some of it in a small, tall
jar and put in a few brushes AND some
icky palette knives. Voila! Fantastic
results 24 hours later. You can read
the Murphy's label in the gorgeous
clean palette knife.
You'll see the "before" condition of
one I haven't yet cleaned on the right.
I have been painting for many years,
but you can always learn something new.
Also, Carol says she uses it to clean her
brushes on a daily basis. I use Ivory soap
bars...but more on that later.
This was a great help and I thank Carol!

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