Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Signing one's name is a act unto itself! Where to place it for best effect, but not to have it take over the painting!
Does one paint it darker or lighter than the surroundings? Does one block print it or do it in script or find some special symbol? Whistler used a butterfly for his signature and you will often find the old masters have signed their works in an upper corner.

Here's my take on it ~ Sign it where it feels right to you. I don't always sign in the same position, but often use the lower right as in this case. Use a tone that is just somewhat lighter or darker than the surrounding area. As for color, stay in the palette of the piece. You want folks to be able to read your name, but not hit them over the head with it. Sometimes, in very small pieces, I just use only one of my names.

How to do it? Use a very small brush. You may have to rub it out and do it over several times. I did this one about 8 times till I was happy with it!
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