Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fan Brushes

Fan brushes have their special uses. You will see from
this photo that there are not only various sizes, but they
are made from different things. The top one is a bristle
brush and because it is stiff (hog bristles are definitely
sturdy and stiff), it will drag more paint. The bottom one
is badger hair and is soft and is great for blending. The one
in the middle is a tiny thing that is just right for small
works. It has synthetic hair and is very soft.
Fan brushes are a sort of novelty when you see them in
the bins at the art store. But what you don't want to see
in your paintings is the tell tale strokes that say 'look,
I used a fan brush!'.
I suggest experimenting with the various types. Get a
stiff bristle one and a soft-haired one. Try out some
things with it. You can get really good effects with just
dabbing the tips, or you can pull paint in a direction that
contributes to making that cloth look as though it is falling
over the table edge.

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