Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tubes of Paint

First I have to admit that these are not my paints,
even though I have this many and probably more!
I have amassed quite a large collection and finally
had to do something to help me see what I actually
had so I could use them more effectively. It's a little
like having clothes at the back of your closet that
you never see, and so you never wear them!
I did two things to help me. One is that I made a
big color chart, adding white to each color so I could
really see it's true color. And then I divided each of
6 main color groups up so I could FIND what I was
looking for! (The 3 primaries and the 3 secondary
colors = 6!)
I will speak more on this later. By the way, these
paints belong to one of my students who bought many
of them, if not all, from Ebay for a GREAT price!

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