Sunday, March 15, 2009

What to do if you can't leave a set-up up!

#1 is a front shot of the set-up.
#2 is a shot of the set-up with where the light is.
#3 is an overhead shot of the set-up.

If you can't leave a set-up in place, take these
photos. I do this for my students because they
have to take down their arrangements in between

TIPS: Do NOT use a flash. You want to get the
lighting correct in terms of how the set-up
is actually lit.

Put pieces of tape on the floor for each item
(the light, easel and table). You may have to
move them around in between painting sessions.
This way you can mark the positions for easy
re-locating of their original positions. If you need
to, write on the tape which pieces of tape are
for what item!

Do shoot a photo from above so you can see the
distances that things are from each other. It is
difficult to tell when only having made a front
photo shot. When setting up the arrangement
again, lay that photo on the table and make your
things match what you see in the photo!

Remember that these are reference photos, and
are never the same as looking at the real things
with its actual lighting and color. So don't paint
from the photos you took of such a set-up. Paint
from life!

And last of all, know that as carefully as you do this,
the painting gremlins will conspire to have something
not quite as it was, no matter what you do!

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