Friday, March 20, 2009

Make a personal color chart

I have so many tubes of oil paint that I finally decided to make the chart you see here.
I got out all my tubes of paint (of course now I have even more!) and laid them out in color groups. I then arranged them in the color order I wanted.
Next I counted them and decided on the size canvas I needed to fit them all in.
This is an 18 x 24 inch canvas and the sections are 2 x 2.
Then I used a small oval shaped painting knife to apply the paint.
There is first the mass tone (the paint straight out of the tube) followed by a middle tone and then a very pale tone of the color. I used Titanium white.
If you have way too many colors to really know what they look like,
do this for reference.
There are about 6 difference brands here, but mostly Winsor and Newton.
I have a key in the lower right hand corner, so do allow for that.
Browns and greys are on a separate canvas.

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